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Oct 13, 2012 5:00am EDT
participants from 24 different countries and all 50 states. the kenyan runner, steven juang, will see if he can reclaim his title from last year. the top purses for the men's and women's marathon, $25,000. there are five different races today, not just the marathon. but there's the half marathon, the team relay. the team relay will start at the same time as the marathon. there's the 5-k and the kid's fun run. a lot of excitement in down the baltimore but for now it's me and the chickens getting ready for the big day. >> chickens in downtown baltimore, didn't know that? >> you know there's chickens around. >> thanks, jen. remember, wbal is your exclusive home testify baltimore running festival. you can watch the race on our website, 5:07 and colorado police identify the body found in a denver-area park. after the break, who the body belonged to and what police are asking citizens to look out for. endeavour crawled its way through the streets of los angeles. first, a live picture outside. >> good morning. we are starting you off with a live view of skycam. a lot of people will be
Oct 20, 2012 9:00am EDT
couple of weeks is based on lyndon. that's a steven spielberg. sally fields is mrs. lincoln and daniel day lewis is lincoln. it is going to be quite something. >> all right. that's the best one out of 15,000. get that one. >> now guest of honor. you hear about white house dinners. this is a book about what happened, and it's true, when thomas roosevelt, theodore roosevelt had booker t. washington, the first african-american to have dinner at the white house. and there was a big scandal about it. it was quite something because he had -- he invited booker t. washington to the white house for dinner. >> so this is all the ins and outs? >> and how he did it and why he did it. then our favorite, dolly madison. you know her from the ice cream. >> yep. >> all know that she was the one that saved george washington's portrait from the war of 1812. this is all about her and how she worked things. she was quite a politician on her own. so dolly madison. then if you really are getting a little tired of all the real life things, get the dirt with fiction. so there are two books by political
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2